Douglas Richard Sinclair is a Métis citizen and musician with roots to Red River. He envisioned a sound that would revive Manitoba Métis fiddle music. Métis fiddle music encompasses the rhythmic spirit of the First Nations peoples blended with Scottish and French fiddle. Sinclair developed his own style of Métis banjo and guitar that drifts between rhythmic and melodic. Long time friend Stephen Dayfoot joined the band on hand drum, spoons, and a variety of percussive instruments that carry the heart beat. Sinclair recruited Pierre Arsenault on fiddle to weave the music together with timeless melodies. In February of 2019, Sinclair founded The Red River Ramblers.


Sinclair arranged eight fiddle tunes and brought the band together to make a record. The band recorded with John Dinsmore at Lincoln County Social Club in Toronto Ontario. The band recorded the eight tunes live off the floor in one day on July 22nd 2019. Sinclair hired Toronto session musician Kurt Nielsen to play upright bass on the record. Jeff Elliot (Fedge) mastered the record. Shortly after making the record, fiddler Pierre Arsenault left the band. Sinclair contacted Toronto based old-time musician Kristine Schmitt to connect with new fiddlers. Sinclair got in touch with Nathan Smith of The Barrel Boys. After a joyful jam session, Nathan Smith joined the band on fiddle.

The Red River Ramblers embarked on their winter record release tour in January 2020. The band released the record titled “Métis Fiddle Music” on Saturday January 4th 2020 to a full house at The Local Pub in Toronto, Ontario. Highlights of the record release shows included Guelph Banjo Fest, and the Midland Cultural Centre. The band began to work on a new record in the summer of 2020.

Douglas Richard Sinclair

Stephen Dayfoot

Nathan Smith

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